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  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie : Amazon Parrots
  • ​Age     : 3 Months
  • ​Sex      : Female
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  • Tamed : Yes

“Hello! My name is Pearly! I’m a cute, cuddly, talking and loyal parrot that is looking for that special family to join. My ideal family will take me for walks in the park, provide me with yummy treats, rub my cute parrot belly, and give me lots of hugs and kisses. In return, I will provide you with many years of unconditional love! All you have to do is call that number over there and say you want to bring me home. Give me a chance and I will be sure to leave paw prints on your heart!”

  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie : Amazon Parrots
  • ​Age     : 3 Months
  • ​Sex      : Female
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  • Tamed : Yes

Thank you for taking the time to check out our listing. All our birds are very well socialized and used to everyday household activity. At  Exotic Birds For Sale, you can trust in our 7 years of unmatched experience and quality. We offer a 1 month genetic health guarantee on all weaned baby birds (see our guarantee tab) and gender analysis for all babies over $1000.00


14 reviews for Pearly

  1. Nina Miron

    Super cool park! The birds are well kept and their enclosures are clean. Some birds are very friendly and even say hello to you! You can also buy very nice talking parrot like one we just buy with toys and perches/stands as well as supplies and cages.

  2. Manna Das

    Absolutely wonderful. Must visit even if you do not have parrot. Huge collection of parrots related food, clothes, gears etc. You can buy all possible food for your parrots too. There is an open area where free peacocks, hen and ducks are roaming around.

  3. Tia

    oh my gosh the delivery service are just from living my house. thanks for everything i just signed the paperwork and all the 5000 i pay for insurance and other charges were handed to me back as we agreed u the best with the best customer service online thanks for the bird though he is scare but with time my son will get to be his new friend

  4. Melissa Gomes

    “Exoticbirdsforsale” shop a bird for my son there was no dilemma. The shop is beautiful.

  5. Ronald Fincher

    Purchased an Amazon Parrot from this website and he/she is the sweetest and gentlest bird and pet in general. We are so thankful. My son has bonded with the bird and I am grateful for this as he has had a tough year. Thank you again.

  6. Cynthia Robles

    Love this site very knowledgeable on Amazon Parrots

  7. Anna Borum

    Excellent experience, they are so helpful and just kind people! Picked out beautiful amazon parrots and I couldn’t be happier with her, precious little thing.. I was surprised how sweet their birds are there, the ones I checked out, none even tried to bite and my baby, hasn’t even considered biting me. I’m so in love with her. thank you guys so much!! Definitely recommend them!

  8. Brandon Linn

    Great place! Friendly site…. I was impressed. Their prices are the best around. We just bought a sweet little Amazon Parrot and we are in love. I’ll always recommend this place. Check it out!

  9. David Hayes

    Great service

  10. Crystal Johnston

    Lots of amazing cool amazon parrots. Awesome website

  11. Kelvin Montemayor

    Super friendly and helpful

  12. Jennifer Brown

    Amazing, clean, good and beautiful Amazon parrots

  13. Kieth Barrett

    This is very very very very very very very very very very very very beautiful place l love that

  14. Joel Joseph

    Always fun, with healthy Amazon parrots and good advice!

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