Refund Policy

ExoticBirdsforsale will follow this policy with respect to any refund request:

1. ExoticBirdsforsale cannot provide a refund for any reason other than a duplicate (or overlapping) charge for an ad. For example, we cannot provide a refund if you change your mind about the Parrot, or its content or enhancements, or if you have made mistakes in submitting the Ad, or if you have not received any inquiries or offers to purchase the item through ExoticBirdsforsale , or if the item has already been sold through other means. We also cannot provide a refund if you have made mistakes in the content of the parrot(you can review your birds before purchasing it). In any case where it is determined by ExoticBirdsforsale that ExoticBirdsforsale has made a mistake, we will of course make appropriate corrections and your funs.

2. If you made mistakes in submitting an Ad directly with ExoticBirdsforsale , you are able to edit the ad through our online editing tools. If you wish to change to a less expensive Ad, however, ExoticBirdsforsale cannot provide any refund or credit.

3. Your credit card will show a charge to, LLC. Please do not contact your credit card company and file a “chargeback” for the purpose of receiving a refund for an ad you have placed. Because our website is continually being updated to enhance features, correct a bug, or otherwise, please contact us if you should have a question about the charge by, LLC on your credit card statement. Please fill out our¬†Online Support Form…we monitor that daily.

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