Hand Reared Scarlet Macaw For Sale


  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie :  Scarlet Macaw Parrot
  • ​Age : 14 Months
  • ​Sex : Male
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  • Tamed : Yes

Baby macaw hand reared he has already been chipped as per cites regulations. He is from our pet macaws we have over 20 years experience super tame and very playful. please bear in mind these birds can live up to 50 years old and required lots of interaction. no time wasters please.

14 Months Old Is Ringed Male Beautiful Heathy Bird Hand reared Silly Tame Don’t Bite Goes To Anybody & Good With Other Animals Comes With Large Cage Viewings Welcome

1 review for Hand Reared Scarlet Macaw For Sale

  1. gralion torile

    We were there with our four year old son. I think everything is pretty well organized there. The price is okay, especially since it is offset against drinks or food. The kids there have a lot of fun. Everywhere beautiful parrots scurry and fly around you without being a nuisance. You can even feed them if you want them a little closer to you. Definitely worth a second visit. Thanks for the parrot for my son the scarlet macaw are joy to our home.

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