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    • Status : Available

    • ​Specie :  Hyacinth Macaw Parrot
    • ​Age : 7.1 Months Old
    • ​Sex : Male
    • ​Vaccinated : Yes
    • Tamed : Yes

hi this is my 7 months old  male Hyacinth macaw parrot who has a lovely temperament he was bought for my 13 year old daughter who has always loved macaws , the reason for this Sale is because we can’t give this lovely beautiful bird the time he needs , he is so cute and loves to fly to your shoulder , he also goes back into his cage on command. Charlie’s favorite food are Chili’s apples and he also loves strawberries and cherries. we have had Charlie since baby and have had no issue with him what’s so all , he’s absolutely perfect with the kids as we have a 13 year old 10 year old and a 1 year old baby , he also fine with all are other pets such as rabbits and Guinea pigs and cats . the only bad thing about Charlie is that for a couple days Metting new people he can be timid and scared , but after a couple days he will trust you and show you the amazing beautiful bird he is. we would prefer to deliver Charlie to you as we want to see what kind of home and people HES going to as he deserves the best . he also comes with cage food toys perches and everything you will need for him. .

1 review for Charlie

  1. Monica Upson

    Brilliant service with unbelievable prices.
    Will defo be using you again and i have share your website to my family so they can get their own parrots online thank so much it hard to see a legit shop online these days after loosing money to some scams i finally got a parrot of my own and a blue parrot to be precise

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