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  • Status : Available

  • ​Age : 6 Months
  • ​Sex : Female
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  •  Tamed : Yes
  •                                                                       Talks   : Yes

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Angel is! No one can deny her beauty! She’s the princess of the castle and knows it. She loves to be pampered and spoiled. Angel is very regal and sophist parroted. She knows how to charm you enough to win over your heart! She has been seen by her vet, so her health matches her winning good looks. What more could you ask for? Call for her today! She’s waiting for her fairy tale life to begin!

Status : Available


​Age : 6 Months

​Sex : Female

​Vaccinated : Yes

Tamed : Yes

  •                                                                       Talks   : Yes

Thank you for taking the time to check out our listing. All our birds are very well socialized and used to everyday household activity. At  Exotic Birds For Sale, you can trust in our 7 years of unmatched experience and quality. We offer a 1 month genetic health guarantee on all weaned baby birds (see our guarantee tab) and gender analysis for all babies over .

11 reviews for Angel

  1. Jay Goldey

    i was send to this site by my brother and for real you people are good and legit thanks so much for your awesome delivery and beautiful birds

  2. Basma Youssef

    best customer service and reliable bird store

  3. William Goldey

    Excellent customer ship and parrot are well trained and talks well

  4. Bradley Brandt

    Knowledgeable bird site and excellent variety of beautiful birds.

  5. MaryL Laughlin

    My Happy Place!

  6. Vertie Vint

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  7. Alva Bidwell

    Great place to adopt Cockatoos birds online.

  8. Jimmy Stewart

    Friendly site, they are always super helpful! Great bird site ever!!

  9. Darrell Robinson

    i recommend getting a bird from here if you want one. the birds have a large area to play with. Forget about pet stores, this place is a thousand times better. also has a lotta of beautiful and well trained Cockatoo birds. 5/5 for me. ill write another review including my bird which i adopted from this site.

  10. Rod Coleman

    They are great. Got a baby Cockatoo bird here. Over the years, i have had 3 birds who were all skittish, and scared of new experiences. This was my first hand-raised bird which is well train and socialize. Thanks guys.

  11. Kevin Hyder

    Absolutely wonderful place to get a feathered friend, they are well kept and cared for and the owners are so kind and helpful. I love that the birds are well socialized and they have space to spread out. Highly recommend this place.❤️

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