Why Do Cockatoos Dance?

Why Do Parrots Dance? Does it Mean They are Excited?

Parrots are very expressive birds; their body language says everything they feel. You might have seen some parrots dancing in videos. If you are curious whether they dance because they are excited or if it is something else, let me tell you why they do it.

Parrots dance whenever they are happy and excited. One of the most exciting things for parrots is music. They love music, and they cannot stop themselves from dancing to music.

Some parrots are so good at dancing that they match music beats with their moves. Their dance is worth watching. Their ability to dance with the music explains why Parrots are considered one of the smartest birds.

How do Parrots dance?

Parrots can dance in different ways. Below are the different moves they make when dancing.

  • Shake their head up and down.
  • Jump with the beats.
  • Raise their crest.
  • Spread and close their wings.
  • Scream if they are wildly excited.

Why do Parrots dance when they are excited?

A simple answer to this question is: dancing is their natural instinct, though they also dance to look adorable and grab attention. They enjoy being adored and given attention.

They also dance when they see you enjoying music, making some move. This encourages them to copy you and they also start dancing to show their excitement.


Parrots look absolutely cute when they are dancing. It not only shows that they are excited but it is also a sign that they are mentally healthy.

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