When Do Parrots Naturally Breed?

If you are a parrot keeper, you might be curious about what time of the year your cockatoo will breed. There is no simple answer to this question, but some ideas below will help.

In the USA, most Parrots breed from August to January. But some cockatoos can breed in other months and some breed throughout the year. In fact, some aviaries breed all parrot species throughout the year by artificially regulating the temperature and humidity.

The breeding season of parrots also varies from region to region. But as a rule of thumb, all parrots except cockatiels breed during winters. They can also breed during spring in some regions. However, cockatiels breed almost all the year.

Generally, all parrots except cockatiels breed just once a year, but they can breed twice. When they are close to breeding, the pair sets up a nest, mates for almost 2 weeks.

Finally, the female cockatoo starts laying eggs. She lays a clutch of 2-8 eggs (the number of eggs varies from species to species). The pair mates almost everyday until the last egg is laid. Once a few eggs are laid, the female starts incubating the eggs.


If you are looking forward to parrots breeding season, make sure you prepare your birds and their cage. Provide them excellent protein-rich diet, they need it to be able to lay healthy eggs. Also ensure they have a suitable sized cage with perches so they can mate easily. Lastly, provide them a nice nestbox and some privacy.

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