Teach a Hawk‐Headed Parrot to Speak

Hawk-headed parrots are unique birds and are popular among bird owners. They have the ability to raise the feathers on their head and neck to look bigger, much like a hawk.[1] Hawk-headed parrots are loyal, playful pets, and they can be trained to talk. You can teach your parrot to speak by talking and singing to it regularly. You should then reward the parrot when it talks so it is encouraged to keep speaking to you.

Talking and Singing to the Bird


1 Talk to the parrot as soon as you get home. When you arrive home, greet the parrot by saying “Hi there” or “Hello beautiful.” The parrot will be the most attentive when you first get home, as it will be excited to see you. Chat to the parrot so it can listen to you and pick up on the words that you say.[2]
  • For example, you may say to the parrot, “How was your day?” or “Let me tell you about my day.”
  • Say easy words to the parrot on a regular basis. Repeat words that are short and easy to the parrot so it can listen and mimic you. Words like “hello,” “birdy,” “lunch,” and “play” are all good options to get the bird started.[3]

    • Try saying “lunch” every time you feed the bird or “play” during every play session. Over time, the parrot should start to mimic you. Birds learn faster when they really want something, so using treats and rewards works well.
    3 Use an energetic, upbeat tone. Speak to the parrot in a tone of voice that is positive and friendly. The parrot will then mimic your tone and say words in an upbeat voice. A high voice will be easier for your parrot to mimic.
    • For example, you may say “Hi beautiful” or “Lunchtime” in an upbeat tone, lifting your voice upwards at the end of each word.
    4 Sing to the parrot. Parrots also respond well to hearing words sung aloud. Sing your favorite song lyrics to the parrot so it can listen and mimic you. Repeat the same lyrics several times a day so the parrot catches on.
    • You should also inform visitors to watch their language around the parrot so it does not pick up any bad words. Parrots easily pick up words said with great enthusiasm or feeling, so it can be very easy for them to pick up things like swearing.
    • 5 Play the radio for the parrot. The radio is a great way for the parrot to listen and mimic others speaking, especially when you are not home. Put the radio on a popular music station so the parrot can listen and mimic the songs. It may also mimic the radio DJs and other voices on the station, such as radio ads.
      6 Watch what you say around the parrot. Parrots are astute listeners and good mimics. Watch the words you say aloud around your Hawk-headed parrot as you do not want it to imitate any bad or unsavory words you might say.

    Rewarding the Bird for Talking

1 Offer the parrot a treat when it says new words. Rewarding the bird when it talks will encourage it to keep talking and view its behavior as positive. When you notice the parrot saying a new word, offer it a bird treat as a reward.[6]
  • You can use cut up fruits and vegetables as healthy treats for the parrot. Do not give the parrot avocadoes, as they are toxic to birds.
2 Use a clicker to reward the parrot. You can also use clicker training to reward the parrot. Hold a small clicker in one hand. When the parrot speaks, click the clicker once so it hears that it went off. Then, offer the parrot a treat.[7]
  • The clicker can act as a trigger for the parrot to remind them that their behavior is positive and good.
3 Pet or cuddle the parrot as a reward. You can also use physical affection as a reward for the bird’s chattiness. Use your fingers to gently pet the top and sides of the bird’s head. If your parrot likes to be cuddled, hold it in your arms on its side or so its head rests on your chest for a cuddle.[8]

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