Tyson $ Pearly

Original price was: $17,000.00.Current price is: $11,200.00.

    • Status : Available

    • ​Specie :  Hyacinth Macaw Parrot
    • ​Age : 10 Months
    • ​Sex : Female
    • ​Vaccinated : Yes
    • Tamed : Yes

Home raised and very friendly 10 months male and female Hyacinth Macaw Parrots for sale to any loving and caring home. They are home raised and all registered. We have raised them from their eggs to maturity. These sweet Hyacinth macaw have a great vocabulary and they love to sing. These birds shall be going out with a cage and a bird manual we have prepared to help their prospective parents take good care of them. They are very friendly and will make perfect pets. also we can separate them cause they are not really bonded together.


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