Liberta Voyager Cage

(2 customer reviews)


Medium Parrots e.g. African Grey, Scarlet Macaw, Amazon, Cockatoos

72 x 55 x 163cm
92 x 75 x 163cm With Seed Catcher
70 x 53 x 124cm Internal
2cm Bar Spacing
4mm Wire Strength

1x 58cm Open Top Perch
1x 73cm Internal Perch
3x 13cm Bowls

Cage Cover – 3103

2 reviews for Liberta Voyager Cage

  1. Liane Whitfield

    Very nice people working there. Lots of different parrots that fly free and there deal with the people they like or have enough food that you can buy there in little bags. Food and drink prices are reasonable. We had a nice day.

  2. HerbataStore

    You got some beautiful bird cage here

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