• Status : Available

  • ​Specie : African Grey

  • ​Age     : 6 Months

  • ​Sex      : Male

  • ​Vaccinated : Yes

  • Tamed : Yes

Charming Male Congo African Grey

Selling Our 6 Months old Congo African grey parrot with ( red tail feathers). He has been hand reared and hand fed from a very early age. He’s a beautiful healthy bird and loves to be tickled and loves the attention. COMES WITH LARGE CAGE AND ALL ACCESSORIES, TOYS, BOWLS, FOOD. And has has CITES certificate and is closed ringed with ring number matching his certificates. He’s very talkative and makes loads of different mimicking noises, barks and growls like our dog. He’s quiet through the night and sleeps very well. He has been brought up around other birds, dogs and children and babies and isn’t stressed about any of these. Will only sell to a loving home! And to someone who has had these birds before or has done a lot of homework about African greys. They need a lot of time and attention.


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