2 Babies African Greys Parrots

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Baby African Greys for sale online

We are currently hand rearing some of our baby greys. (just 2 available now as 1 have now found new homes)
These babies are absolutely adorable and cuddly tame.
They have been raised in our family home and have been well socialized. All are closed rung and have CITES paperwork and also DNA sex tested.
We have many years experience keeping and rearing these birds and so you can be assured of a healthy baby bird.
We have raised these babies with TLC and given them a lot of time and attention. We would like these babies to go to loving homes as they are so intelligent and thrive on being close to people. Please ring on first contact with us if you would like to know more about our babies. They should be ready towards end of March. Thank you for looking and we look forward to hearing from you.

2 reviews for 2 Babies African Greys Parrots

  1. Scott Middleton

    It’s amazing how intelligent these birds are.
    We got an African grey 2 weeks ago and he already knows our home address and everyone at home by name.

  2. Debbie Massey

    Lovely! African grey parrots are very fast learners.
    Ours already talk well at 3 months old.
    Thank you guys for all your help.

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