2 Beautiful Babies Military Macaw Parrots

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  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie :  Hyacinth Macaw Parrot
  • ​Age : 1 Year
  • ​Sex : Female/ Males
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  • Tamed : Yes

2 Beautiful Babies Military Macaw Parrots

I have 2 beautiful babies Military macaw parrots ( ZZ, and Ziggy) for sale along with the cage and everything in it. Stand included. Also, have some food and millet for them. These macaw are  tames, trained and can talk words, however, they have been on my finger a couple times. We allow them to fly in and out of their cage as they please. However, with some time and consistency they may be able to be tamed. They enjoy chilling in different spots around the living room and chirping along to music. I’m not sure of the age of these but I have had them for about a year. Selling due to not have enough time to be consistent with them. They all appear to be healthy and all have good apatite’s and fly well. May deliver locally and worldwide also delivery is included in the price and we are available for Any questions please ask

3 reviews for 2 Beautiful Babies Military Macaw Parrots

  1. Rufina Magalhães

    A brilliant way to spend an afternoon, having cake and coffee in the middle of a whole flock of colourful parrots–big ones, small ones, green and red and blue and yellow…so many different birds. The staff is friendly and helpful, the cake is delicious, but the best part is the opportunity to see and be with these amazing, colourful, excited, happy parrots. It is a great experience!

  2. graliontorile

    Thanx for the effort, keep up the good work Great work, I am going to start a small Blog Engine course work using your site I hope you enjoy blogging with the popular you express are really awesome. Hope you will right some more posts.

  3. Lee Gardiner

    Good service and good talking parrots and pick up at the shop in laredo was good have to drive from houston to laredo texas to confirm if this is legit an get my beautiful parrots thanks for your trust words

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